ssa color highres jpeg 2013 WelcomeWelcome to The AC Doctors! We are Mississippi’s leading provider of air conditioning service, installation, and maintenance; and we work with all types of air conditioning and heating systems.  For over ten years, we have dedicated our time to air conditioning and heating repair throughout the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area. We understand how important it is to be comfortable in your own home.  Whether you require emergency air conditioning and heating repair to save your home from the heat of summer, or it’s wintertime and your home is in dire need of some toasty warm heating, The AC Doctors are here to provide award-winning service.

No matter what type of heating and cooling systems you may have in your home, we are able to provide comprehensive air conditioning and heating repair service to nearly any AC or heating unit.  In Mississippi, summertime is a dangerous time for children and the elderly, and without a properly air conditioned respite from the heat, you could be at risk for heat exhaustion.  The AC Doctors’ emergency air conditioning and heating repair team member can visit your home as quickly as you can make the phone call.  Don’t be stuck with a broken air conditioner when The AC Doctors are prepared to solve your temperature control problems with the best air conditioner repair in Mississippi.

Although it does not get as cold as the North, when winter comes to Mississippi, having your heater repairs complete is important to staying comfortable in your own home.  If the heating system in your home is damaged and requires repair, The AC Doctors are ready.  Our HVAC certified emergency heater repair technicians will be knocking on your door whenever you need us to make sure that your home is secure from winter’s cold.  If your heating or cooling systems are damaged and unable to be repaired, The AC Doctors are also able to offer HVAC certified heating and cooling systems installation for any of our customers who require it.

No matter what your heating and air conditioning system problems may be, our NATE (North American Technical Excellence) technicians have the experience, the skill and the dedication necessary to guarantee the integrity of the air conditioning and heating systems in your home whenever we work on them.  Contact The AC Doctors to learn more about air conditioning repair, about heating repair, or about how to save money on a new air conditioner or heater today!

geothermal 01 WelcomeGeothermal

Ground Source Heat Pumps

It’s easier to move heat than to produce it.  Residential Geothermal heating and cooling uses the earth’s naturally stable ground temperature –which is around 65 degrees fahrenheit — to drastically improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.  In many cases, there are financing options and tax credits that will help you start saving money as soon as you decide…

furnace installation 01 WelcomeInstallation & Upgrades

Air Conditioner & Heating

Is the temperature in your home less than comfortable? The AC Doctors believe everyone deserves to be able to relax in temperature controlled a home. Installing a new air conditioner or heater is a great way to increase the comfort level of your home. With the ability to adjust the temperature as you wish, your home will be everything it should be…

air conditioning repair 01 WelcomeRepairs

Air Conditioner & Heating

In many cases, your Air Conditioner or Heating system may not need to be replaced. It could be a broken fan, a faulty piece of piping, a leak, or something more; but many problems that would cause your heating or cooling system to malfunction can be easily repaired by the HVAC certified technicians at The A/C Doctors. We have the skills and experience…

mantainence 01 WelcomeMaintenance

Air Conditioner & Heating – Universal Savings Agreement

Even if your air conditioner or heater is functioning properly, having it checked bi-annually for worn components or blocked ducts is a great way to extend the life of your home heating and cooling system. The AC Doctors are all HVAC certified heating and cooling experts with expansive working knowledge of all kinds of HVAC systems…