We started over journey over 10 years ago in building science testing. What is “building science”? Building Science is the study of how a home interacts with the environment and with the home owners. Building Science uses testing equipment, like the Blower Door, the Duct Blaster and an Infrared camera to gain an understanding of how air moves throughout the house and how that can drastically affect the homeowner comfort and the power bill one has to pay to the utility company. In our testing of dozens of homes in the Jackson Metro Area we discovered that nearly every home has extensive and detrimental duct leakage. Many of the homes had over 50% duct leakage! These homes had twice the air conditioning needed and twice the power bill of a home that utilized proper building science concepts.

As a result of our studies, homeowners desired duct sealing and we were happy to serve them! Radical changes took place, those homes were now comfortable and they had their power bills drop by 30% or more. It was an amazing discovery that lead to our next service offering: air conditioning and heating services.

After improving numerous homes, we noticed that nearly every home had significant air conditioning issues. We found units with too much freon, and units with too little. We found units with little air production, where vents that did not blow out very much air at all. Tying together our duct sealing repair with our air conditioning and heating repairs, we were able to offer optimal comfort and maximum energy savings. All of those “building science” concepts were now working for the customer and not the power company!

Today The AC Doctors is a full service heating and cooling company that uses all of the latest building science concepts and implements those into providing the best possible comfort and the lowest possible energy bills. We have helped homeowners have unbelievably low power bills. Large homes, in the 6000 sq. ft. range, have power bills under $250 a month! Small homes, in the 1400 sq. ft. range, have power bills under $45 a month!

When you become happily involved with The AC Doctors, you can have both perfect comfort and low power bills!

Our Process

We are a diagnostic company. Doesn’t that involve some investigation to determine what is wrong with your house, our patient? Sure it does!

Our process is asking questions, having a brief discussion to determine the relevant issues, performing diagnostic work and doing basic building science testing and analysis. Of course, we do know how to use a Blower Door and a Duct Blaster! We were the first home performance company in the metro Jackson area!

Next, we can prescribe a plan of action with the greatest improvement at the top of the list, along with the investments amounts! No work will be done without your approval and there will be no hidden charges!

When you become happily involved with our company we evaluate the real-world performance of the work done. Is there more air conditioning? Has the humidity levels decreased and is it under control? Are the occupants more comfortable? Do they have lower energy bills? Is the customer satisfied?

So you don’t have to worry, we guarantee our work with a 100% money back guarantee! We take on the risk so you don’t have to bear it. Call us today at 601-706-4551 to set up an appointment.