Geothermal (Ground Source Heat Pumps)

geothermal 01 ServicesIt’s easier to move heat than to produce it.  Residential Geothermal heating and cooling uses the earth’s naturally stable ground temperature –which is around 65 degrees fahrenheit — to drastically improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.  In many cases, there are financing options and tax credits that will help you start saving money as soon as you decide to install Geothermal heating and cooling in your home.

How does it work? It’s easier than you think.  While trout fishing in Branson, MO, our founder, Jerold, noticed that the water in the river was stable at 50 degrees even though it was closer to 95 degrees outside at the time.  The river was being fed by the nearby dam; at the bottom of the dam, the water is much cooler than the temperature outside.  Geothermal energy works the same way; we take heating and cooling energy from the ground and circulate it through the house.

With the financing and tax credit options available for your geothermal heating and cooling system, you can start saving money on your monthly energy expenditures almost instantly.  If you are interested in a new geothermal heating & air conditioning system for your home and would like to learn more, contact The AC Doctors today.

Air Conditioner & Heating Installation & Upgrades

furnace installation 01 ServicesIs the temperature in your home less than comfortable? The AC Doctors believe everyone deserves to be able to relax in temperature controlled a home.  Installing a new air conditioner or heater is a great way to increase the comfort level of your home. With the ability to adjust the temperature as you wish, your home will be everything it should be; your castle, your comfort hideaway and your relaxation oasis.  The AC Doctors’ HVAC Certified Heating & Cooling experts are prepared to educate you about the latest in temperature control technology and energy efficiency so you can make an informed decision about the heating & cooling system in your home.

Do not go through another summer or winter without the temperature control you deserve.  If the heating or cooling in your home is not performing to your expectations, it may be time for an upgrade to your existing furnace or air conditioning unit.  No matter the condition of your existing heater or air conditioner, The A/C Doctors are happy to show you all the A/C and heating possibilities that are compatible with your home.  Contact us today to learn how you could be one step closer to the furnace or air conditioner upgrade you have been thinking about.

Air Conditioner & Heating Repairs

air conditioning repair 01 ServicesIn many cases, your Air Conditioner or Heating system may not need to be replaced.  It could be a broken fan, a faulty piece of piping, a leak, or something more; but many problems that would cause your heating or cooling system to malfunction can be easily repaired by the HVAC certified technicians at The A/C Doctors.  We have the skills and experience necessary to diagnose any heating & cooling system issues you are having, and determine whether repairs are possible.  If no new specialty components are needed, the unit can be repaired in a single visit, restoring your home to its optimal temperature quickly and efficiently.

If you can fix it, why buy a new one? The A/C Doctors are committed to keeping money in your pocket; if your air conditioner or heating unit can be repaired, we are ready to make that happen. In today’s economy, we are proud of our ability to save your money with affordable heating and air conditioning repairs.  Why put yourself in a troublesome financial situation when there’s a cost-effective option on the table? If you’ve got a busted heater or air conditioner to repair, contact The A/C Doctors to learn more about the opportunity today.

Air Conditioner & Heating Maintenance- Universal Savings Agreement

mantainence 01 ServicesEven if your air conditioner or heater is functioning properly, having it checked bi-annually for worn components or blocked ducts is a great way to extend the life of your home heating and cooling system.  The AC Doctors are all HVAC certified heating and cooling experts with expansive working knowledge of all kinds of HVAC systems.  Whether you need new filters, or just want to make sure your heater is ready for the next winter, The A/C Doctors have the maintenance skills to ensure the most efficient temperature control for your home, when you need it.

Air Conditioner maintenance is not something that should wait until the hottest part of summer.  Scheduling  your bi-annual air conditioner maintenance with The A/C Doctors is as fast as a phone call.  We all know how hot the summers can be, why risk your safety by avoiding air conditioner maintenance?  With the dangerous heat and humidity, an inefficient air conditioner can mean nothing but a miserable indoor environment for you and your family.  Make sure your home is nice and cool this summer, and every summer. Contact The A/C Doctors today!