Heating Contractor and Geothermal Systems in Brandon, MS

Keeping Your Home Warm and Comfortable

Professionals at the AC Doctors use engineering techniques to efficiently keep your home warm and comfortable through the cold months.

We will recommend quality heating systems and solutions including repairs if necessary. 

We are remodeling a condo from the early 80’s and have a geothermal unit in place that needed updating. After an exhausting search a neighbour recommended The AC Doctors. The best recommendation EVER! Jerold and his crew are so knowledgeable about the geothermal system and updated our unit so it performs at the optimal capacity for our home. The AC Doctors also changed out all of the duct work and vents, installed a new water heater, new thermostats and created a dual zone for the upstairs. Jerold, Tyler and Jess went above and beyond to assist us with our renovations, they were also always on time and very efficient.

- Lori Cahill

Geothermal Heating System

Geothermal heating is a type of renewable energy that can be used to heat your home or business. It works by using the earth’s natural heat to warm your building, and can be used in both new construction and retrofit projects. Geothermal heating systems are typically more expensive to install than traditional heating systems, but they can provide significant cost savings over the life of the system.


In addition, geothermal heating systems do not produce any greenhouse gases, making them a very environmentally friendly option. If you are considering a geothermal heating system for your home, contact the AC Doctors to receive expert recommendations.


We’ll do a thorough analysis to determine the system requirements of your home and properly install the appropriate equipment to heat your home efficiently. 

Two Way Heating System

Two-way heating system is a type of heating system that uses two methods of heat transfer to heat a room or an entire house. The two methods are conduction and convection. In a two-way system, the furnace or boiler heats the air and then uses a blower to circulate the heated air through ducts to the rooms in the house. The air then returns to the furnace or boiler through another set of ducts. two-way heating system is more efficient than a one-way system because it uses both methods of heat transfer. The two-way system is also more expensive to install and maintain than a one-way system.

Heating Product Warranty

When you make the decision to install a new unit, The AC Doctor also gives you a 5 year labor warranty. If the unit needs any repairs, you won’t pay out of pocket for them during the warranty time.

If you have a unit repaired, we offer a 1 year warranty on the repair service. You won’t pay out of pocket for any repairs for a year after a repair service.

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