It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity!

Well, it’s almost mid October and there is a hint of much cooler weather soon. After a summer with more rain than I can remember in years, we have seen zero rain in almost a month in the Metro Jackson, MS area.

That changed today.

I woke up to some rumblings in the air, an overcast 68 degree sky, and some drizzle on the way to a Business Network International meeting at the Capital Grille in Jackson. And, with the moisture in the air, I expected the humidity inside my office to go up, too. And it did, by about four percentage points.

In the picture above, the office temperature is 71.4 degrees F and the relative humidity is 51.1%. Just yesterday, it was about 47%. So, is that good or bad? What’s the point of this post?

The good thing is that it’s below 70%, the point on the humidity scale where mold starts to bloom, but it is above 50% and that means I still have to deal with dust mites. That is bad for those with allergies. Me, and almost everyone else in Jackson falls into that category. My allergist MD buddy can buy another Vette!

I checked the weather forecast, and we have clear skies for a few days until another cold front moves through. What prompted me to blog about this is most folks have no idea what the humidity level in their office or home, and humidity levels can really affect your health and your comfort.

We, at The AC Doctors, constantly deal with these issues, as it’s a part of the profession. We remove water from the air and lower/raise the temperature. Air conditioning is what we do. Call us at 601-706-4551 and we can explain more humidity issues and how we can make your dwelling more comfortable, instead of wet and muggy.

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